In this project I was given a 2D shooter space invaders type game where the initial code for the game had no programmed sound and a few performance glitches. Our task was to design all audio elements within context of the game suitable for a younger audience.

Using linear/non linear sound design methods with both recorded and synthesised samples, I devised and achieved the following direction.

  • Music: Intro music was written in a playful upbeat style
  • Music: Intro Music Loops
  • Music: Interactive In-game music loops and layers was written with adaptive energy and tension rising as the levels increased
  • Event: SFX – Title screen has unique sounds attached to individual symbols and object are triggered by touch
  • Event: SFX – Sampled page turn sound triggered when starting game.
  • Event: SFX – Multiple Vocalised Level Up announcements programmed into an array to trigger in random order.
  • Event: SFX – Extra life sound indication added.
  • Event: SFX – Lasers: 7 unique laser sounds are programmed into an array to trigger in random order and maintain interest.
  • Event: SFX – Lasers: left and right panning of lasers follow the according position of the space ship on screen.
  • Event: SFX – Enemy Explosion: Layered sounds of scrunched paper and popping noise upon frag.
  • Event: SFX – Enemy Explosion: Volume of explosion increases when vertical position of frag is closer to the bottom of the screen.
  • Event: SFX – Enemy Spawn: Alien-like wobble sound triggered with each spawn.
  • Event: SFX – Enemy Spawn: Spawn sounds triggered are panned left or right to the relative position.
  • Event: SFX – Enemy Spawn: 7 unique spawn sounds of different pitch, are programmed into an array to trigger in random order and maintain interest.
  • Event: SFX – Warning hit / Life Lost: panned left or right according to position of the hit on screen.