During the Applied innovation and interactive design module, I had created and concept and front end prototype of concept for an app aimed at providing a solution for teaching difficulties within Music Education and a music therapy tool that could potentially be used in healthcare.

My aim for this project was to create the internal framework for the first working version of Chord Sphere. Whilst programing application for iOS and Android are beyond my skills set, I could still use the limited knownledge and understanding of programming though MaxMSP to create a the prototype. In this project I was required to build a unique chord sequence synthesizer, with the baseline flexibility to required in the prototype.

As a basic requirement:

  • The idea behind the app is delivering guided learning for chord progressions in music theory.
  • The app will also have music therapy element through a range of associated games designed into the app.
  • The app all also have a customisable interface and customisable synthesiser.